Environmental Ethics in Managing Resources in the Asia Pacific

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  • ISBN 978-967-412-082-5.
  • 136 pages (paperback)
  • Ravichandran Moorthy & Darryl R.J Macer (edited)


This book draws research and review papers regarding ethical issues of environmental
ethics in resources management from Malaysia, India, China, United States, the
Philippines and Japan. Competitions for the control of and access to resources and
issues regarding its management have been intimately connected with state politics,
sovereignty, sustainability and human security. Resources such as energy, water, and
other forms of environmental biodiversity are not only essential for human existence
but also closely linked with issues of development and progress. In many less developed
countries, resources such as water, energy and forest are essential components for the
livelihood of their people. Therefore, resource scarcity may lead to development and
economic problems, and in certain cirfumstances, it also may lead to disputes between
parties competing for the access to similar resources. This book attempts to draw attention
to the ethical issues surrounding various aspects of resources – which includes access,
patterns of use, and management. The chapters focus on various aspects of resource
management, especially with regard to energy issues in meat and livestock production,
eco-ethical issues in forest policies, water ethics and sustainability, issues regarding
farming algae as biodiesel livestock and environmental policies.

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