Memoir of a Wayward Lawyer

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  • 2000. ISBN 9679424685
  • 198 pages. (soft cover)
  • R. H. Hickling

R.H. Hickling’s career in law falls into virtually four separate phases, that is training, private practice, government service and academic law.  Law has always been a garland of flowers, a source of delight, a study that has transformed his life and made him understand something - a little, not much though, but something – of man’s efforts to live harmoniously in society.  It has been a splendid journey.  In each phase, he  lives in a world that was stimulating but all has vanished as if it had never been.    Yet absolutely nothing happens by chance.  Life itself is a stream of events, actions and reactions developing in accordance with a plan.  The past has the air of an illusion and persuade one that even this present, too, is but a dream. To the young law student, go to it, enjoy it, do not be ashame of being a lawyer, you will never cease to learn and wonder!  As lawyers wehave failed in much that we have set out to do but to preserve to the distance goals we know are there, just beyond the horizon, that is our life that is everything.  Until the world knows peace, law is essential. 

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