Language and Social Behaviour: Voices from the Malay World

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  • 2006. ISBN 9679427706
  • (soft cover). 130 pages
  • Hafriza Burhanudeen

The objective of the book is to investigate the interaction between the language behaviour and the linguistic, cultural and social make-up of Malay Malaysians living in Peninsula Malaysia. Specifically, this book examined the language behaviour of Malaysian Malays’ when they interact with other Malays and non-Malays in certain domains of language use. Additionally, attitudes that these Malaysian Malays have toward the English and Malaysia language will also be investigated to determine the extent of its influence on language use. Unlike other studies on Malay Malaysians, this investigation combined qualitative and quantitative procedures. The linguistic and cultural characteristics that emerge from this study will lead to a better understanding of a part of the Malay Malaysian language use and attitudes. 

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