English, English Everywhere: The Out-of-Class Language Learning Strategies

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  • 2015. ISBN 9789674123413
  • (soft cover)
  • Noor Saazai Mat Saad, Melor Md Yunus & Mohamed Amin Embi

It unearths the out-of-class language learning strategies (OCLLSs) that are employed by a group of international students in UKM. The journeys of nine international students throughout a semester of learning English become the crux of the book. Through their stories which were relayed during interviews and also posted online on Google+, there are four strategies which they employed outside of their formal English classroom setting.   They utilised the tools and the people in their surroundings or environment to exccute their strategies. Although the strategies are employed out of the classroom, there is a close connection between these strategies and in-class acitivites. The strategies delineated in this book are universal. Thus, this book is for all.  To students who are striving to better yourselves in the English language – this book provides practical strategies done outside of the formal classroom; to English language instructors – this book gives you the ways to boost students’ use of out-of-class language learning strategies which will enhance English language attainment. ‘English, English Everywhere: The Out-of-Class Language Learning Strategies’ showcases the environment in Malaysia to be conducive for English language learning.

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