Language and Culture in Multilingual Contexts: Pluriliteracies in Theory and Practice

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  • ISBN 978-967-412-122-8
  • 221 pages (paperback)
  • Koo Yew Lie


One of the enormous challenges confronting societies, communities, governments and
the individual is the question on the ways of teaching and learning so that citizens acquire
the habitus, worldviews, values, attitudes, knowledge, literacies and strategies to become
contributing members of society in increasingly competitive, culturally contested and
unequal environments. In a broader commitment towards representing the cultural and
linguistic possibilities of culturally diverse ways of being, ways of seeing-valuingdoing
in inequitable contexts, this volume conceptualizes the notion of pluriliteracies
in theory and practice. Pluriliteracies is the engagement with and use of multiple
languages and cultural codes and forms involving cultural and language crossing and
mixing in order for the situated global meaning maker to negotiate complexity, diversity
and difference at any conjucture of meaning making. This volume contextualizes the
changing contexts and conditions of literate engagement for the global meaning maker in
term of compressed cultural globalisation which have necessitated situated pluriliteracy
practices for participation in schooling, higher education, workplace and the community.
The writer concludes with a perspective on Mindful Pluriliteracies a perspective which
argues for the vital regard of cultural diversity, one which challenges the current excessive
deference of litercy towards the hegemonic values of the marketplace.

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