A Guide to Flood & Yield Estimation: Malaysian Experience

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  • 2009. ISBN 9789679428681 
  • (paperback). 100 pages
  • Hong Kee An


Rapid development such as urbanization and increase in population also means increase in water supply demand. This on the other hand can cause flood problem when the management of water related problems is not manage properly. Planning and development of water related projects needs basic knowledge of hidrology, a discipline of physical science dealing with the study of water of the earth, its occurrence, circulation and distribution. Hidrological data such as rainfall and streamflows are used in planning, design and operation of engineering projects related to water supply and flood mitigation. Hidrological problems are normally analyzed using a hidrological model which can be an empirical relationship, a physical device or a statistical relationship. Hydrological analysis such as streamflow frequency analysis, regional correlation studies and streamflow simulation ungauged streamflow estimation can help in developing basic data required for the planning process. Information which are produced in the preliminary stage of planning will help to identify problems like determination of peak flow of historical flood and yield of existing reservoirs.

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