Islamic Microfinance Institutions Efficiency and Sustainability

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  • 2017. ISBN 9789674124250
  • (soft cover). 215 pages
  • Selamah Maamor, Widayanto Mislan Cokrohadisumarto & Abdul Ghafar Ismail


This book is in response to rapid growth of Islamic microfinance institution (IMFI) which has been successful in fulfilling the financing needs of microenterprise and improving their business performance effectively. However, the strengthening effort of IMFI via improving of efficiency or creating sustainability of IMFI or both is a great challenge. Therefore, ISLAMIC MICROFINANCE INSTITUTION: Efficiency and Sustainability comes up with the theoretical and practical aspects of IMFI in Malaysia and Indonesia. It covers the sample Ar-Rahnu (Islamic Pownbroking), Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) and Baitul Mal Wa Tamwil (BTM) in Central Java, Indonesia. For better understanding, this book elaborates on micro-enterprise development and microfinance across the globe. This book also provides detailed discussion on Ar-rahnu, AIM and BMT experiences in providing financing to microenterprises. In addition, it proposes sustainability of IMFIs is a must to ensure the long-term support for the poor, lower-income group and microenterprises as well as economics growth for Ummah.  

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