Sea Level Changes in Peninsular Malaysia: A Geological Record

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  • ISBN 978-967-412-140-2
  • 152 pages (paperback)
  • H.D.Tija & Sharifah Mastura S.A


Over forty years of modern research on former sea-level stands in Peninsular Malaysia
substaintiated by radiometrically dated biogenic shoreline indicators are collected in this
book. Among the sea-level indicators are fossil rock-clinging oyster shells. Palaeo sealevels
are also traceable from morphological features such as abrasion and depositional
terraces, accordant boulder tops, raised positions and profiles of sea-level notches, and
vertical extent of fossil calcareous beach rock. Among the fundamental findings are the
fact that Lazy-V and Fish-hook notch profiles are direct indicators for tectonic mobility
and stability of coasts, respectively. Eighty dated palaeo-shorelines together with coastal
landforms from all the coasts of the Peninsula and its larger islands have now firmly
established that following the maximum mid-Holocene inundation at 2500 BCE, regional
sea-level decreased stepwise to reach its current position some four hundred years ago.
This sea-level curve of tectonically stable Peninsular Malaysia may serve as reference
for especially Holocene sea-level behavior for the western region of Southeast Asia.
Among the outstanding issues implied by past sea-level in the region are the elevation
differences of an older and younger beach ridge series, and correlation with climate

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