Bioinformatics in Systems Biology & Cryopreservation in Agrobiodiversity

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  • 2014. ISBN 9789674122478
  • (paperback). 112 pages
  • Norman Mohd. Nor (edited)

In this compilation of INBIOSIS seminar series, four different aspects of research carried out at the institute are presentd. The first IMBIOSIS seminar series was given by Prof. Satoru Miyano from the Univesity of Tokyo, on ‘Computing Molecular Networks and Dynamics for Systems Biology’; followed by Prof. Shoba Ranganathan from Macquarie University, Australia, on ‘Advanced in Silico Analysis of Expressed Sequence Tag (EST) Data for Parasitic Nematodes of Major Socioeconomic Importance’. The third and fourth seminar series were presented by Dr. Florent Engelmann from Research Institute for Development (IRD), Montpellier, France, of ‘Cryopreservation for Long-term Conservation fo Agrobiodiversity; Progress and Prospects’; and Dr. Barbara Reed form USDA-ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository, USA entitled ‘Applying Cryopreservation Techniques to Diverse Biological Materials’ respectively. It is hoped that this compilation will be useful to the next generation of scientists who are interested in a highly multidisciplinary biology research that demands for very inquisitive and dedicated scientists.

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