Threads of Inquiry: Research Contributions in Language Teaching, Language Studies and Linguistics

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  • ISBN 978-967-412-141-9
  • 166 pages (paperback)
  • Rosniah Mustaffa & Bahiyah Abdul Hamid. (edited)


This volume is directed to consumers of research in English Studies and Linguistics
teaching as well as learning. The six chapters presented in the volume are of practical
relevance not only to student undertaking their own small-scale research investigations,
those at undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels but also to those who are
new researchers taking a giant leap towards making birds for funded research. The
volume present research studies spanning from PhD level research (Chapter 2, 3 and
6) to research that are locally (Chapter 1 and 4) and internationally funded (Chapter 5).
The research studies presented in this volume fall within two standard of inquiry; those
with a major focus on students. The inquires found in this volume are conducted across
the major threads of quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods and action research. This
volume will be an excellent resource for research ideas especially so for those embarking
on writing their research proposals for their own research endeavors.

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