Stress Success: A Guide to Pronunciation Principles

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  • 2014. ISBN 9789674122362
  • (paperback). 174 pages
  • Tan Kim Hua & Mohammad Abdollahi Guilani


This is a book on pronunciation principles in the English language. It consists of four chapters dealing with stress, spelling patterns, intonation and subtleties in pronunciation.   Every word has a spelling pattern that can determine the sound quality of the constituents of the word. Based on the arrangement of the letters, in fact, this book attempts to approach pronunciation from a different aspect, introducing some patterns namely weak and strong stress rules, which help identify the place of stress in words, leading to the correct prodiction of pronunciation. In addition, there are some guidelines on how to place stress on different parts of speech (such as, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs) in phrases and sentences, The book also presents some patterns for correct intonation in declarative and interrogative sentences as wellk as when listing, choosing or calling.    Finally the book presents some subtleties which can help learners assimilate or delete certain sound when letters are in certain environments. As Stress Success: A Guide to Pronunciation Principle is provided with answer keys, it can be used as a self-study source, too.

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