Cases In Clinical Surgery

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  • ISBN 9789674123277 
  • 136 pages (paperback)
  • Basim Abdulla Almothafar


One of the important principles of diagnotic procedure is to make connections between the history and physical examination and thence make the correct diagnosis. The design of this book follows this principle. This book contains eighty two surgical cases, divided into eight chapters according to the systems. The chapters represent the main range of cases relevant to the students. The history begins with few triggers and photographs which display signs followed by probing questions to enhance interpretation and make connections between these two important elements (history and physical signs). The answers are disigned for each questions to give clear practical knowledge to the students. Most questions are designed in the form of problem-solving techniques which are frequently used in OSCE and short case final examinations in surgery. The photographs are supported by labels, which draw the attention of the students to important features that they have to focus on.

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