Human Security & Peace in Archipelagic Southeast Asia

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  • ISBN 9789674121310
  • (paperback) 138 pages
  • Sity Daud, Zarina @ Zarina Othman & Rashila Ramli

This book highlights the increasing interdependence and interconnectedness among people and nations across the region and how it impact security and peace of the people in Archipelagic Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brunei and Singapore. Achnowledging that human security issues can be divided into two categories – human secutiry issues that derive mainly from human behaviour (man-made human secutiry issues) and those that derive from natural disasters or forces of nature (natural events) – the focus of the book however is on the intended  courses (such as side effects of drug trafficking and trafficking in human beings). They are human activities that can be avoided, reduced, or perhaps eliminated altogether. Such “threats without borders” in both categories demonstrate how we human beings become vulnerable, insecure and interrelated. Human Security and Peace in Archipelagic Southeast Asia is the first book that has a comprehensive discussion on human security in the region with a fresh and relevant perspective. While providing empirical evidence on how human security and peace issues are actually being addressed in the region, the strength of the book lies in its original conception of Bangi Human Security Peace Approach (BAGHUS). The identification of different selected countries’ best of current practice in dealing with human security issued in Archipelagic Southeast  Asia have further made it an important and a major textbook in  tertiary education, giving them skills and strategies for addressing them. It is hoped that this book can become valuable references to instructors, non-governmental organisations and political advocates as well as a framework for leaders throughout all sectors of society to better design policies related to various major human security issues.

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