Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang: Dedication & Loyalty Beyond Compare (hard cover)

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  • 2017. ISBN 9789674124991
  • hard cover (449 pages)
  • Rokiah Talib

The title Alfred Jabu’s biography describes the man, totally dedicated to his work and loyal to his party, Parti Perkasa Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) for all the four decades he was the Deputy Chief Minister, the second in Command of Sarawak. Jabu’s contribution as a leader is best known for uplifting the livelihood of the rural poor especially through SALCRA, a land development authority which synonymous with him. Not only he table the Bill in1976 but he also helped to nurse and nurtured the landed poor natives to join SALCRA. Thus, his single buggest indelible mark is in the transformation of the rural interior communities: the Penans, Kelabits and Orang Ulus. His mesra rakyat, non-officious approach in engaging the community leaders, his famous quotes “Don’t demand and command,” instead “listen and listen” to voice of the rakyat plus his sustained perseverance, not only opened the hearts and minds of the rural poor and uneducated to embrace development initiatives but also his officers to work with him in the transformation of the rural communities. Unlike nost politicians, especially of his stature, who are usually accompanied by ceremonies and protocol, Jabu went about his ‘walk about’ with minimum security which remove any official barriers between him and the government officers of rakyat. Before implementing any program, he would to ensure a thorough study was done with facts, not fictions. While his rural communities transformation work are well recorded, his timely intervention in diffusing a major political upheaval during the Ming Court affairs may not be made public. His pledge of loyalty to the incumbent President of PBB and appeal to the Governor to use his power of prorogue to dissolve the State Assembly for a fresh mandate from the rakyat save the day, not only for PBB but also for Sarawak. The ownwords, his loyalty to the president is beyond compare. As the Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib said “Jabu is the perfect No. 2. He does not aspire to be No.1” which creates political stability for Sarawak. Time, money and resources can be channeled for the development of the rakyat, Indeed Jabu’s footprints cover so many areas especially in research on agriculture and of special mention in his empurau research in Tarat, Kuching. Jabu is not the usual politician who is always about power. Instead, he used the power bestowed on him as the Deputy Chief Minister to help those who need his help. He is a leader who created more leader-be the politicians or civil servants – with the single purpose to serve the rakyat.

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