Life in The Triangle: Tun Sakaran Marine Park and Sipadan Island Park

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  • 2018. ISBN 9789674126018
  • (hard cover) 168 pages
  • Norhayati Ahmad, Gerry Goeden & Jamili Nais (edt.)

This coffee table book has been written specifically to rise our public awareness on the important role of coral reefs, which is one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth, but are now threatened with destruction. They occupy just over 0.15% of the world’s oceans, yet incredibly they provide a home for an estimated 25% of all marine species. They really are the “engine room” of the sea and their loss will cripple the marine environment on global scale. The tragedy of December 2004 is not something that many people can forget. The threat of another tsunami is real, if we do not learn from the past. This book highlights the marine wonders of Tun Sakaran Marine Park and Sipadan Island Park, two of the most famous places in Malaysia, perhaps in the world too. Sabah Parks has been committed to foster collaboration with other agencies in carrying out various research and conservation programmers within the Coral triangle area. These include government agencies and non-government organization involving in protected area management, such as Coral Triangle Initiatives, Sulu Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion and Bornean Biodiversity and Ecosystem Conservation (BBEC) phase two. Collaboration approach appeared beneficial in strengthening the park conservation efforts. Example of such beneficial collaboration is the publication of this coffee table book entitle, Life in the Triangle. This book is a pleasure to read as it is informative and adorned with beautiful photographs and illustrations of the underwater marine life, as well as the island biodiversity and community of Tun Sakaran Marine Park and Sipadan Island Park

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